Chicago Tribune Primetime: Active Adults

August 11, 2010

By Lisa Jevins

PortaVault: The PortaVault enables you to organize your vital records (health, financial, insurance, identification, etc.) so that information is easy to locate when visiting a new doctor or attorney.  It also makes things easy to find and share with family members.  Organizing these records is a great gift for loved ones.  The PortaVault was originally designed as a grab-and-go solution for use in emergencies, but information from the company, Securita, Inc., says it has been enthusiastically adopted by military families, RV-ers, seniors, senior move managers, even the Red Cross — anyone who needs to keep their vital records in one compact, organized case. It measures 13-5/8 inches by 12-1/2 inches by 4 inches empty ($69.95). The PortaVault can be ordered at or by calling 888-279-1956 (toll free.)

Are You or Your Clients Prepared for When Disaster Hits?

On Your Guard
Technology & Business Resource Guide, California Society of CPA’s
By Sherie Dodsworth, CPA

Each year, floods, fires, earthquakes, hurricanes and tornadoes, among other disastrous events occur throughout California and the United States, forcing people to evacuate their homes.  If you ask your clients if they had 10 minutes to evacuate their home before it was destroyed by a natural disaster, could they gather all of their necessary personal, financial, legal and health records to quickly rebuild their lives?  Many people can’t, according to a 2006 survey by the Insurance Information Institute. In fact, only 38 percent of homeowners in hurricane-prone areas in the Gulf and Atlantic coast communities store important documents in a safe place; and only 37 percent have made an inventory of their personal possessions.  As trusted advisers, CPAs are in a unique position to provide clients with guidance to prepare them for emergencies and to assist them in providing tax and estate planning services after disaster has struck. What follows are the basics of document organization that can help you or your clients prepare for an emergency.

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Local Business Offers A Grab-And-Go Solution For Emergencies

July 15, 2008

By Shannon Barry

The dry conditions in Los Altos Hills and surrounding areas this year have severely elevated the threat of wildfires and raised residents’ concerns about emergency preparedness and even potential evacuation.  Los Altos resident Sherie Dodsworth, CEO and founder of Securita Inc., created a product to provide document security for worst-case scenarios in natural disasters.  Dodsworth’s “aha” moment came in 2005 when she saw the confusion following Hurricane Katrina.  “We were all witnesses to hundreds of people being evacuated from their rooftops and then transported to evacuation centers with nothing but the clothes on their backs,” Dodsworth said.  The disaster victims endured many challenges and setbacks because they were unable to produce the documents required to rebuild their lives.

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