Whom should I contact for questions concerning the PortaVault?

Please send all questions, suggestions and personal stories to info@securitaonline.com

How are shipping and handling charges calculated?

All shipping and handling charges are based upon the shipping option, total weight of your PortaVault(s) and your delivery location. To find out exact shipping costs for your order, simply add all the items to your cart, enter in your zip code and select your desired shipping method. The total shipping cost will show in your shopping cart.

Under most circumstances, orders ship out within 24-48 hours. We always try our best to ship your order out as soon as possible.

Can I use the PortaVault to store my memorable photographs?

Since the Vital Records PortaVault was originally intended to store your vital records and documents we advise that you first transfer your photographs to a digital version and then store the CD or DVDs safely in the PortaVault. Our solution was not designed to store the actual  photographs because record protectors for photos should pass the Photographic Activity Test (PAT).

Where should I store my PortaVault?

We advise that you should store your PortaVault in a place where you believe is most safe. The PortaVault fits into many fire-proof containers. Since the binder is removable, you have the option to store only the binder in a smaller fire proof container.

Can the PortaVault be locked?

Yes, for additional security the PortaVault zipper can be locked using a standard luggage lock. The zipper pull can be locked to the shoulder strap located on the side of the case.

Is the PortaVault water-resistant?

Yes! The Vital Records PortaVault is made of heavy weight canvas, backed with PVC coating and is treated with a water-resistant spray. In addition, the PortaVault comes with a water-resistant clear cover, to be used in situations involving rain, hail or snow.

Is the Vital Records PortaVault portable?

Of course! Our design includes a sturdy handle and shoulder strap which makes transporting the PortaVault anywhere, easy and convenient.

What are the measurements of the Vital Records PortaVault?

The outside dimensions of the PortaVault are 13 5/8” H x 12 1/2 W “ and 4” D. The dimensions of the binder, which is contained in the PortaVault are 11 5/8” H x 10” W x 2 3/4”D.

How many pages of documents will the PortaVault hold?

The exact number of pieces of paper the PortaVault will hold is ultimately dependent upon what kinds of records and documents you plan to store. However, since the PortaVault contains a two inch “D” ring binder, it can hold several hundred pieces of paper.

The PortaVault was designed to easily accommodate a family of four that does not have multiple properties, lengthy business agreements or extensive living trusts. For those whom have additional documents to protect, additional consideration should be given to purchasing the add-on-case.

Why should I buy a Vital Records PortaVault?

  1. The Vital Records PortaVault provides a system to make identifying and organizing your important records easy to access in your daily life.
  2. The PortaVault provides peace of mind for you and your family. Because all the important records and documents are located in one place, it makes planning for the future easier. For aging family members, using the PortaVault will make your estate planning and management a smooth process.
  3. Since Disaster Planning organizations recommend individuals be organized and prepared to take with them all vital documents, using the PortaVault makes transportation of these documents easy. The Vital Records PortaVault is the preferred solution of the SF Bay Area American Red Cross for gathering your records in a simple and organized manner.
Can I easily access the documents stored in the PortaVault?

Yes! The PortaVault was designed for easy access to all your records and documents. The PortaVault contains a three-ring binder upon which the record protectors move effortlessly, making it easy to locate that specific document. In addition, the PortaVault contains a Document Locator form. Use this form to identify which section of the PortaVault the document is stored.

How does the Vital Records PortaVault help to organize my records?

The Vital Records PortaVault has 60 pre-printed color coded labels that allow you to clearly identify all personal records and documents.

Simply follow these three steps:

  1. Locate a label that pertains to the specific record or document
  2. Apply the appropriate label to a record protector
  3. Insert the record into the record protector that has the relevant label on it