It Pays To Be Prepared For Severe Storms


Sherie Dodsworth, founder of Securita, created the PortaVault to help people gather their vital documents.

If your home is hit by a severe storm, are you properly prepared to quickly gather all of your vital documents and paperwork?  Most people aren’t, according to a survey by major insurance companies.  In fact, only 38 percent of homeowners in hurricane- prone areas in Atlantic coast communities stored important documents in a safe place. Each year, weather-related catastrophes, in addition to fires and earthquakes, force people to leave their homes at a moment’s notice. Likewise, families who suddenly encounter a health emergency or need to aid an elderly family member can also avoid hardship by having all of the important documents in one place.

“After I saw victims of Hurricane Katrina being evacuated with nothing but the clothes on their backs, I realized how unprepared many people are when a disaster strikes, and I was determined to help solve this problem,” said Sherie Dodsworth, founder of Securita, the company that developed the Vital Records PortaVault — a product that helps people locate and store their most important documents.  Self-contained in a zip-up canvas case, it holds hundreds of pages of documents filed on a three-ring binder and can easily be transported when disaster strikes, unlike a file cabinet or boxes.  Arranging the myriad types of paperwork may seem like a daunting task, but the PortaVault system simplifies this process by using a series of pre-printed labels that identify more than 100 documents commonly found in a home. A label is applied to a record protector, then the documents listed on the label are located and inserted into the record protector.  The Vital Records PortaVault also includes pre-printed forms to help summarize important information and provides guidance on emergency planning.