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Securita is the leader in grab-and-go organizing systems and our goal is to help people be organized and prepared for life’s events.


We welcome your stories, comments and suggestions so send us an email or call our toll free number. Click below to take a peek inside or buy our flagship product, The Vital Records PortaVault®.

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The PortaVault is an easy-to-use system that identifies, organizes, stores and transports all of your important records commonly found at home.


By using our organizing methods, you will be able to take that first step in organizing your important records and documents. We provide helpful tips to guide you in your organizing process. Stop tirelessly looking for your child’s birth certificate or your passport. With our system all of your documents will be stored safely in one location. Bring peace of mind to yourself by having all of your parent’s estate documents organized, before something happens. Prevent chaos in disaster and emergency situations. Rid yourself of unnecessary stress and worry.

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Do you…

…find it challenging to discuss with your aging parents if their papers are in order?




If only…

…given five minutes to evacuate, could you find all of your important documents?




Do you…

…and your spouse know how
to locate all your important documents?